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One of the most important insights in our decade is the radical idea, supported by neuro research, that you can construct abilities by changing how you think. Neuroleadership is infinitely multiplicable and costs nothing. We want you to progress "The Everest Way". Lene is just one call away +4523428780. Lene delivers simple steps so you can program yourself and your organization to expand to the next level. Leadership in radical times - Would you benefit if you know how to implement “The will to suffer”- so all in your team do whatever it takes to achieve? Become self-leading and take bold action again and again and again - until you accomplish what you set out to do? Lene is a brilliant, unique, out-standing choice for nearly any business and professional event or strategy session, where you want to ignite enduring momentum. Lene enlighten, energize, mobilize, awaken self-responsibility and give a guaranteed valid return of your investment. Do not wait - START - pursue luck. Innovate Humans with Human Innovation.
Authentic Top Business Speakers who are sought after for their extraordinary abilities to transform Leaders and companies through their impact and ability to overcome adversity. Humans who also emanante genuine interest in igniting potential in other people are hard to come by. It's those rare qualities that gives an individual the powerful presence that ignites our core and mobilizes large numbers of people. The opportunity to encounter a Top Motivational Business Speaker who through life experience proves the validity of their talk can be a life changing experience. Top Motivational Speakers create a pervading impact.
"I have to say that you have reached your goal and are among the Top Ten Motivational Speakers. I thank you once again. When I finished our pre-event talk with Lene, I already felt that Lene would reach the brain, heart, and hands. Lenes' Talk was decisive for the success of our capital market project"
The best of wishes for you ongoing success Matthias Wellhausen CFO SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group Member of the Board
Charity. From today we will donate 50 Euro for every contract we close to www.docsfnepal.org Help us educate the orphans in Nepal
Lene Gammelgaard is now collaborating as mental endurance specialist with one of the worlds leading fertility clinics www.avapeter.com


NeuroLeadership = Long term Success
Program your brain and your organization to get to the top
"The Everest Way"
Your brain is your GPS to the future

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Program your brain with my 3-steps
Mobilize renewed hope
and enduring fighting spirit
Maximize your capacities
Expand how you think

Uplevel Leadership this year

Lene is a Top Business Speaker who provides immediate and measurable effects

Lenes lecture in Emmenbrücke was a highlight of our event. And although the lecture was excellently oriented towards the transformational journey of the company as a whole, it was particularly well-suited to our key project, the refinancing of the company, so to speak the journey to the Everest of capital markets. We issued a new bond in the following days, and the teams had to manage all the preparations within a short period of time and qualitatively. It was a task which was new to all. We have used your mantra "To the Summit and Safely return" repeatedly, and the principle of self-responsibility in the team has also been successfully applied here. The transaction has been completed with excellent success, the colleagues are now much closer together. The Flipside: in fact, we did not come to rest until after the Easter days, and, having followed your principle, we celebrated. Thank you once again, and I dare say that you have reached your goal and are already among the top ten motivational speakers, at least when it comes to content ...
Matthias Wellhausen CFO SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group Member of the Board

Let’s innovate our future – One brain at a time!

We all need inspiration to keep us going – no matter how professional we become. Do you want my Brainy Quotes monthly - for you, your team and the whole company? My quotes deliver mobilizing actionable takeaways.

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True Innovation starts in your brain

The world is in turmoil. We face an overarching worldwide need for efficient development of leadership qualities. We are in the midst of severe, solution and action craving scenarios. How do we face reality, the complexities, horrors, defeatism, not allowing a 3rd world war and yet strive for sensible results and purposeful and meaningful products as well as careers? Recent developments in neuroscience grant the potential for rapidly developing leadership effectiveness. Human Innovation. NeuroLeadership is an emerging scientific field for leadership development that directly takes the physiology of our brain into account. The state of our globe proves it is time we use the substantial and significant “hard science” evidence provided by neuroscience and psychology on relevant and applicable organizational practices. I summitted and survived Everest May 10 1996, testing my self invented brain self-programming "To the Summit and Safe Return. Propelling me onto my profession through 20 years - Motivating as many people around the Globe to utilize the amazing untapped potential we all have. Your capacity will explode when you start disciplining how you tap into your brains neuro plasticity. "Make Human Innovation happen through NeuroLeadership - and have fun!

Do you dare to pursue your innermost dreams? I offer you the simple steps to make it happen!

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Learn how to risk and mobilize your own grand vision from the first Scandinavian woman to scale and survive Mount Everest May 10 1996. Success is a matter of passion, decision, riskwillingness, willpower, mental preparation, execution and the will to suffer endurance and recommitment. Lene vividly shares her simple steps to program your brain to ignite focus and persevere until you have achieved your unique goals. To the summit and safe return is a strategic tool kit and a sobering book, packed with hands-on experiences you can apply today to achieve the life you dream about.
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