One of the most important insights in our decade is NeuroLeadership - Mental Programming. The radical neuro research based idea , that you can innovate capacity by disciplining how you think. Neuroleadership is infinitely multiplicable and costs nothing. Progress exponential "The Everest Way". Do not wait - START - Expand to the next level - Innovate Humans who lead for the future with Human Innovation.
Lene Gammelgaard Everest Way
Vi can innovate our common future through Human Innovation and Decency Leadership. One Brain at the Time. Start NOW!

True Innovation starts in your brain

The world is in transformation. Do the Matrix we have formed our existence after the last decades - lead to a desirable global future? What should we innovate instead? We are confronted with a worldwide need for effective novel leadership qualities. We live in the midst of disruptive solution and action-craving scenarios. How do we deal with digitalization, the complexities of the infathomable knowledge society, robotization, population growth, the risk of a Third World War, and striving - in parallel with sustainable goals, meaningful technological achievements, and future adaptive careers? The state of the globe shows that it is time we bring facts from neuro research and psychology into how leadership must be transformed to invent the future's sustainable concepts. NeuroLeadership is an expanding research field in leadership development, which is based on the brain's physiology. I tested my brain self-programming - To the summit and safe return - when I scaleded Everest May 10, 1996. I've been passionately occupied by NeuroLeadership ever since. Your capacity will explode when you discipline the brain's neuro plasticity. My mental methods - The Everest Way - Lectures and Motivational Speaks are Globally sought after by organizations and leaders who mobilize the future. "Make it happen - and have fun". Human Innovation through NeuroLeadership. One brain at a time!


Program your brain
"The Everest Way"
Your brain is your GPS to the future

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Expand your mindset
Mobilize renewed hope
Enduring fighting spirit

Step 1-10 Top Leadership Skills

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I dare say that you have reached your goal and are already among the Top 10 Motivational speakers in the World, at least when it comes to content ...

Lene is a Top Business Speaker who provides immediate - measurable effects.
Lenes lecture in Emmenbrücke was a highlight of our event. And although the lecture was excellently oriented towards the transformational journey of the company as a whole, it was particularly well-suited to our key project, the refinancing of the company, so to speak the journey to the Everest of capital markets. We issued a new bond in the following days, and the teams had to manage all the preparations within a short period of time and qualitatively. It was a task which was new to all. We have used your mantra "To the Summit and Safe return" repeatedly, and the principle of self-responsibility in the team has also been successfully applied here. The transaction has been completed with excellent success, the colleagues are now much closer together. The Flipside: in fact, we did not come to rest until after the Easter days, and, having followed your principle, we celebrated. Thank you once again.
Matthias Wellhausen CFO SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Group

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We all need inspiration to keep us going – no matter how professional we become. Do you want my Brainy Quotes monthly - for you, your team and the whole company? My quotes deliver mobilizing actionable takeaways. Let's innovate our future - One brain at a time!

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Lene Gammlgaard Mental Survival Skills
10 Mental Leadership Survival skills
This spectacular booklet consists of 10 profound texts for reflection and rejuvenation. Accompanied by stunning photo’s with wise quotes to excavate and reawaken purpose in – and Zest for Life. The wisdom of this booklet will sustain you through radical and tough times – as leader for others and for you – leader of your own destiny. An outstanding give-away at any venue. Use it on an everyday basis to mobilizing insights that re-inspire even in the darkest of times.
Success is a matter of passion, decision, riskwillingness, willpower, mental preparation, execution and the will to suffer endurance and recommitment. Lene vividly shares her simple steps to program your brain to ignite focus and persevere until you have achieved your unique goals.
Lene Gammelgaard To the Summit and Safe return 2017
Do you dare to pursue your innermost dreams?
The Everest Way
To the summit and safe return gives the reader a thrilling insight into high altitude mountaineering as well as a strategic tool kit to living and a sobering book, packed with hands-on experiences you can apply today to achieve the life you dream about. To the Summit and Safe Return is the revised version of Best Selling Climbing High. A humble account of human experience around May 10 1996. Get to know Scott Fischer and Anatoli Boukreev and discover how to risk and mobilize your own grand vision from the first Scandinavian woman to scale and survive Mount Everest May 10 1996.
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