Keynote 1: “The Everest Way” – Leading your business into the Future

The Everest Way – Leading for the Future

The Everest Way – 3 simple mental strategies of transform Management, people and organizations through Human Innovation and Decency Leadership.

Are you leading into the future?
Do you want to create a future worth living?
Do you want to mobilize renewed hope and continuous fighting in yourself and your business?
Do you want to transform and innovate NOW?
Do you want to discipline integrity and human robustness to master the complex and taxing challenges of our contemporary Global business environment and get to the Top in the future?


You get:

1.  Clear focus. Visions revitalize the brain and the organization

2. The willingness to suffer. Bold action again and again and again….

3. Discipline Will! You have only achieved what you set out to do – once you have reached it!


Clear, simple focus due to meaningfull professional purpose – gives direction, simplifies decision-making, solves dilemmas and brings together everyone’s energy towards contributing EVERYTHING – basic prerequisites for reaching the top.

The willingness to suffer is the foundation of all success. Realization of visions requires continuous focus, adaptation to changing market conditions, effective problem solution – followed by innovative actions – no matter what. Perseverance and risk of willingness – over and over and over again.

Achieving the top requires so much more than we initially want to believe. With  mental preparedness – It’s doable!


Human Innovation “The Everest Way” is mental programming that mobilizes focus, self-responsibility and extreme persistence – even in radical times. I invented “The Everest Way” – 3 universal principles that explodes all limitations – when I summited Mount Everest May 10, 1996.


45-60 min. 5.000 – 10.000 EURO

For longer courses and work-shops, the price is individually agreed.


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