Lene is a Globally sought after Top Motivational Business Speaker. Lene ignites and mobilizes hope and promise for our taxing and complex future. 

Lene offers insights as well as direct transferable steps for how you can be at the forefront. Setbacks and hardships are to be expected when you lead in Radical Times. Lene is an endurance specialist and deliver Step-by-Step mental strategies to circumvent outer- as well as inner obstacles to your envisioned progress. Lene is in high demand internationally due to her testable approaches that sticks with you for life.

Do you want to innovate and expand your business without hiring more people?

When humans think bigger, we program the brain to act in new ways = Human Innovation.

In this globally sought after keynote, Lene offers 4 simple tested steps to ignite and mobilize personal and organizational quanta jump development through innovative thinking and consistent unflinching action.


  • Tools to discover your heart-core passion.
  • Clarity process.
  • Implement self-driven BrainProgramming to utilize neuro-plasticity in order to develop from mediocre, declining or just “good” to outstanding with no extra costs involved.
  • The groundbreaking “The will to suffer” mindset.
  • Multiplicable “The Everest Way” project and process graphic for you and your entire organization.

What is so special about the human brain? All unprecedented change starts in the brain of one person.

Passion always wins. Entrepreneurial success is fuelled by creativity, starting with a thought with is then transferred into imaginative, bold moves into uncharted territories and maintained through visionary zeal.

Step 1:  Visionary zeal – Find clarity

  • Do you have clarity? What is your organization truly about?
  • What are you or what can you become best at?
  • What is the “heart core” of what your organization stands-out offering?
  • On average it takes 3-4 years to get this concept sharpened, so don’t lose faith.
  • Are you consistent in remaining true to these fundamentals as well as coping with incremental disruptive changes parallel with adapting to future trends?
  • Does your company integrate the digital advantages in a disciplined strategy to expand along your core concept?
  • People and organizations who remain true to their heart core concept even in times of great change and disruption will accumulate the momentum that creates break-through – eventually.

Step 2: The will to suffer – Mental preparation.

  • The groundbreaking question is, once you know your heart core passion, igniting organizational concept, do you have the discipline to do and keep doing the right things, and equally important, to stop doing the wrong things?
  • Are you willing to keep doing both for an extended period of time?
  • Truth being – you have not reached your target – until you have reached it – no matter what absurdities it might crave!

Step 3: Stick to the Winners!

  • Do you have the right people?
  • Individuals who are motivated by the company core passion, not only by you as a leader?
  • Find them, hire them, keep them!
  • Individuals who turn mediocre into great are motivated by a deep creative urge and an inner compulsion for unmodified excellence for its own sake.
  • Discover how you can infuse your organization with more of what it takes to keep the right people? What do you need to keep the right people for an extended period of time?

Step 4: Just do it! And keep doing it!

  • You have not achieved what you set out to accomplish until you have accomplished it.
  • Bold consistent action again and again and again until you break-through.
  • No matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes.

The present status quo of our global world shows that leadership across the globe is inadequate and at times hazardous in spite of extensive investments in development of leaders.


  • Discover why the charismatic leader is not the best candidate for enduring success.
  • Discover why cultivating authenticity and humbleness creates lasting results.
  • Mental tools to lead and prosper in spite of extreme conditions.
  • Lasting transferable impacts from the brutal 10 May 1996 Mount Everest storm deduced developed based on hard-won experience and neuro-science by Lene Gammelgaard, who survived, and whose entire team survived in spite of Scott Fishers death on the mountain.
  • How to create a social responsible company culture and expand your business through HumanInnovation.

What made Nelson Mandela so great?

Do you exemplify DecencyLeadership – create sustained success – Build to last?

How can you utilize NeuroLeadership to be an innovative front-runner in the present era of loss of wisdom?

Do you and your organization have the courage and stamina to deal with brutal reality?

Are you an individual who blends extreme personal humility with intense professional will?

Are you a human being others flock to because you innovate opportunities for releasing untapped potential? Do people explode in development sprouts through your example?

Are you authentic and genuine, induced by pursuit of your professional heart core concept?

Are you the unassuming individual who displays fierce resolve to do whatever needs to be done to make the company great?

Are you curious about how it is possible to “program” yourself – so you will endure in spite of the enormous uncertainty of our global business environment?

Are you curious to hear what it takes to be a thought leader – igniting a mass movement of excellence in these turbulent times?

Is it possible to create a great visionary, self-driven company in spite of disruptive markets and enjoy an abundant life?


Want to discover how to shape the psychology of your future self, utilizing BrainProgramming and visionary zeal to shape a pronounced career and a meaningful private life?


  • Project and process chart to identify YOUR heart core unifying concept.
  • Sole focus on what you can potentially do better than any other organization is the gateway to greatness.
  • Never lose faith in your core vision – that you will carry through, no matter what – innovate to last.
  • Attract the right people. Do not demotivate them! Key ways to demotivate is if you are not: genuine and consistent, leaves unrealized potential slumber and ignore the brutal facts of reality.
  • Get the denominators between enduring excellence and giving up from a survivor.
  • The Hardiness factor – “The will to suffer” – exemplified with stunning insights from Everest 1996.
  • Passion as an integral part of your strategic framework.
  • You can break through to greatness in any market at any point in time.
  • Why PAUSE to let your brain rewire – sustain your innovative capacity over time.

How risk willing are you? How to let humbleness and willpower be your guide to success. Sounds contra dictionary? Decency leadership is the key.

Do you want to re-think work, business and take a social responsibility through Decency Leadership?

Can you awaken elusive creative genius? Are you prepared to erase the pecking order at work?

Brain mindfulness. What can “PAUSE” do for you and your organizational culture and consistent fighting power?

Do you have the antidote to apathy as we are confronted with increasing complexity?

3 simple truths

  1. Visionary zeal revitalizes the brain.
  2. Hire outstanding people wherever and whenever you encounter them. Your innovative cluster of outstanding individuals readily adapt to the shifting world. If you are not smart enough to detect the market demands caused by disruptive changes – they will, and innovate means to deal with them, as long as you have a culture of trust and self responsibility. When in doubt, don’t hire – keep looking!
  3. Never give up! Never lose faith in your heart core vision – deal with brutal realities that presents obstacles to your progress. Face facts, adapt, innovate yourself to endure. Just do what has to be done, whether you like it or not. Again and again and again.

Envision a new way forward – Decency Leadership

“Responsive Leadership means recognizing the increasing frustration and discontent among those not experiencing economic development and social progress. Responsive Leadership requires a deeper commitment to inclusive development and equitable growth, both nationally and globally.”

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum


  • Invigorating stimulus to think – innovative simple conducts forward.
  • Clarity communication is free and can create massive momentum.
  • Decency leadership is cut sustain income generation in the longer run.
  • Passion for your heart core concept with focus on betterment for more will generate return of investments in any line of business. Case: www.cchobby.dk
  • Think about what you can do – today. Start acting now!
  • Simple Solution to a complex problem. Let’s influence the darker aspects of human nature by implementing Decency Leadership as a personal and guiding principle and Global Goal – NOW.
  • Why not?
  • What are the prospects for our existence if we don’t?

It is time to rethink corporate governance — the ecosystem of core values, norms and tensions and pressures that drive corporate behavior. Executives, boards and investors — all stakeholders, including governments — can help create a long-term, conscientious response to populist pressures by paying closer attention to the social, global and political implications of their actions.

Re-think. Real change needs collaboration, new partnerships, often between unlikely allies.

At any given moment, you have the power to change how you interact in the world. Change your thoughts and through thought leadership act in new ways!

An effective response to today’s global and political disruptions includes addressing inequality. We need to make responsible corporate citizenship central to how we run our businesses and self-responsible citizenship central to how we conduct ourselves.

Envision your steps to an innovative path forward – as a Global Shaper

Live Simple solutions to complex problems!!! Envision that we all cultivate DecencyLeadership as our heart core guiding value for everything we do, buy, say. This timeless concept can shape a new way forward from this second…

No matter where you come from, no matter what your predicaments or excess advantages, you have the choice to take on your personified responsibility and think about what you will contribute to the global way forward for as many people as possible – starting NOW.

  • How can talent be developed and deployed to ensure that more than 7 billion people can fulfil their potential?
  • The economic empowerment of women is vital to global development. If gender gaps in labour markets were completely closed, as much as $28 trillion could be added to global annual GDP by 2025.

Nelson Mandela ignited a global revolution through one thought in one person’s brain. A thought he could articulate, brain by brain – step by step – altering the world as we know it.

If every human being on earth implements this line of thought right now – it is simple to envision a vibrant, original approach for the betterment of the world. Human Innovation.

Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba the world’s largest online retailer, spoke of three 30’s at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2017.

  • Focus on the next 30 years of technology integration.
  • Pay attention to people who are 30 years old.
  • Pay attention to companies who have fewer than 30 employees.

In Human Innovation we add a challenge – that will become a greater enabler as from now. We need to implement social responsibility in our way of developing income-generation. We sense a true paradigm shift in the Nordic organizations.

Takeaways:  Let’s re-think

  • How the brain helps you adapt and expand – with an innovative mindset: NeuroLeadership.
  • Are you and your organization fit for the demands of the times to come?Coping with the unexpected?
  • Clarity procuring investigative tools to extract the heart core future for your organization.
  • Invigorating thought processes – directly transferable to your business development process today.
  • Real-life project and mental mindset process, directly implementable in yourself and your organization.

Challenge 1: Focus on the next 30 years of technology integration

Your business has to integrate with the digital world, it is not an option – it is a survival imperative.

As we navigate the transition into the digital era, it is critical that every business, yours included, is able to contribute to making sense of this new era.

Focus on how your business will function in the digital age and how it will integrate with the broader digital ecosystem. Understand the benefits that will be realized to you and your market as you embrace the digital reality of your industry.

Challenge 2: Pay attention to people who are 30 years old

Focus on people under-30 as both employees and customers. Rather than looking for a way to bring more money from your existing customers, it is time to focus on the new.

What is your unique value proposition to people under-30? If you can’t clearly and concisely articulate the value your business and products offer to a young person, then you need to commit resources to doing so. Missing out on the under-30 market and talent pool is a clear indication of your inevitable extinction.

Challenge 3: Small, Medium, and Micro enterprises are the engine of the global economy.

Understanding how you can develop a customer group of SMME’s allows you to spread your risk and exposure across many fronts. In order to achieve this, it is important that you examine your product lists and your sales processes.

Develop cost effective sales channels to markets that enable wide reach. Tweak your product line so that you have significant scale that will enable you to sell high volumes at lower margins.

These three 30’s will position your business for survival, growth and success, as the global landscape continues to evolve and digitize.

Challenge 4:  How to equalize Global inequality and mobilize untapped potential in as many as possible. To grow businesses’ and develop expanded global stability to sustain opportunities for professional interaction.


  • How the brain works.
  • Re-think to become future fit.
  • Is it that simple?
  • Envision a new way forward!
  • Decency Leadership – Simple heart-core concepts.
  • Expansion without extra costs.
  • Thoughts are free!
  • The Everest Way” – Vision process and project tool.


Unrelenting global change will increase in speed to be the operating context of now as well as our future. Transformation and globalization is our constant perspective.

Our complex reality that has given rise to the need to scrutinize both the theory and practice of leadership.

Leadership development for our future craves insights into how we can experiment with our brains capacity for adapting to almost anything.

We can propel ourselves and our teams forward, as well as lower our anxiety- and stress level by preparing mentally by conditioning new neurons through innovative thought processes.

The adaptive ground breaker needs to recognize the brutal facts of reality, the global context and become comfortable leading using innovative techniques.

Acknowledging that we all have genetic ‘change capacity’ will be an important self-driver in embracing thought leadership mind-set and practice.

By acknowledging the force of habit where we slip into our comfort zones, routine creates, we can counter it easily by developing “New Mindsets”.

The Solution: Program your brain – Neuro self-leadership

Prepare mentally to embrace rapid change and flexibility, adjust to the unexpected – consistently. Human Innovation can start with simple mental manoeuvres. To achieve physical fitness, the starting point is often simple steps that ignite a transformative drive.

You can start re-thinking and conditioning new parts of your brain, by doing one thing out of your ordinary today

Utilize yourself as a human Guinea pig in an investigation to see what you can actually accomplish when you begin utilizing neuro programming. Watch how doing one thing out of your ordinary for days, will change your state of being and produce momentum to do more in new directions.

Human Innovation through New Mindset programming.

Then implement thought leadership throughout the company. Inspire colleagues and employees through your example. Develop Leadership for Radical Times Mindset with the people in your organization. Let them offer their insights on how to do things and where they want to take themselves to contribute to the expansion of the business. Let them envision a new way forward, so they can program their brains to invest in whatever it takes to go from mediocre to great in a turbulent world context. You can excavate the driving heart core concept, transform organizational culture, increase efficiency, unleash untapped potential and expand without employing more people. Thoughts are free!


  • Activate neuroplasticity to work for your advantage.
  • Long-term BrainProgramming momentum.
  • How does your life and profession look in 10-20 years?
  • Great experience based points of view to revitalize and provide direction.
  • Stress test your – and the organizational Heart – Core purpose.
  • Authentic visionary individuals and organizations outperform by a factor of 12.

Research from Harvard supports that visionary corporations display a remarkable ability to achieve audacious goals. Corporations and individuals that experience enduring success have a core purpose that remain fixed. While strategies and practices infinitely adapt to our rapidly fluctuating world.


  • You discover core ideology by looking inwards.
  • You do not construct or choose a core concept.
  • You identify what you must pursue.
  • What profound sense of purpose would mobilize you to continuously dedicate your dynamism?
  • Do you find it stimulating?
  • Does it spur forward momentum?
  • Does it get people excited, aroused?
  • Does it compel risk willingness without guarantee?
  • You can’t fake it.

You need such a profound commitment that when people grasp how much risk willingness and enduring hard work the vision will take, there’s an almost audible gulp.

It has to be authentic. Otherwise it does not work when the hard times hit your business.

And they will!

A visionary heart-core concept cannot be a sure bet – but you must never lose your devotion.

Projecting your objective into the future requires thinking beyond the current capabilities of the organization and the prevailing business environment.

How do we get talents to share our core ideology? You don’t. You can’t.

When your core concept is tangible, energizing, highly focused, it takes little or no explanation. People get it right away. Find individuals who are predisposed to share your core purpose and let those who do not share your fundamental values go elsewhere. Anchor your leader capabilities in who you really are. Then you can mobilize the necessary indomitable momentum that overcomes all obstacles.

You are our first concern. In every Event collaborating partnership we aim to deliver more than you expect. We are here to brainstorm for the maximum return of investment for the group you plan to gather. Lene has 20 years experience collaborating with highly professional clients. DO you require work-shops, longer seminars, online human development tools? We are here for you. One successful Event at a time is our focus at all times. 

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Lene is fluently multilingual and can deliver Keynotes to a demanding high profile, diverse audience.

Lene travels from: Copenhagen, Denmark

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