Keynote 4: Like never before – “Are you in The World – To change The World?”

Like never before – “Are you in The World – To change The World?”

The leader of the future will establish the foundation for collaboration – so people can expand their potential – innovate and transform how we work in the future. Innovate Humans to innovate – through Human Innovation.

  • Neuroplasticitet  – Your Brain develops according to your thinking and acting – Human Innovation
  • Neuro Leadership – Utilize Hard Science to innovate Leadership effectiveness.
  • Human Innovation – Neuro Programming. Simple methods to program brains for future progress.


Want to learn:
  • Simple – effective brain programming. The brain is your GPS for the future.

  • To discipline neuroplasticity, so your brain works to your advantage.

  • To create long-term results through Brain programming.


Do you innovate resources in your employees?
Do you innovate opportunities and delegate responsibilities – so your co-workers can develop?
Which fundamental sense of purpose, mobilize you to continuously dedicate your resources?
A leader must mobilize such a fundamental self-commitment that when employees understand how much risk willingness and persistent hard work the vision will require – The Vision mobilize vitalization. risk willingness and perseverance throughout the Team.
The leader must never lose his dedication. Because people will follow the leader and the company that really makes a difference in the world.


Leadership in Radical Times. Research from Harvard supports that visionary leaders and organizations demonstrate a remarkable ability to achieve bold goals. Businesses and individuals who experience sustained success have a core purpose and outperform with a factor of 12. With a clear purpose, there is no impossible market.


45-60 min. 5.000 – 10.000 EURO
For longer courses and work-shops, the price is individually agreed.

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